F1 was able to sustain this insanity when the economy had money in it for people to waste on wasteful things. People are being more careful with sponsorship money and money in general. The small teams will cease to exist in 10 years unless something changes and if there are only 4 teams left I'm not sure the sport… » 11/20/14 3:04pm Thursday 3:04pm

Here's my take on the Ward brothers. When Christian admitted his role Grant looked happy. Not happy like now I'm going to kill you happy, but happy like now I can trust you happy because you've seen your own darkness. I think the parents are indeed dead. I'm just thinking he faked Christian's death part of that. » 11/19/14 10:31am Wednesday 10:31am

I'm not so sure he's even a villain so much as he's playing to Whitehall's tune in order to get Whitehall to dance like the puppet he wants him to be. He wants to dissect whitehall like Whitehall did to his wife. Yes he also wants to meet his daughter, but yeah... I think he's driven insane by gh235 or something… » 11/19/14 8:47am Wednesday 8:47am

I have to say I REALLY liked the way they did the Cat/Bruce story in this episode. It finally didn't feel like filler and backstory. For the first time in Gotham it felt like Bruce's story. I also really like the way they wrote that whole piece of the episode. A little awkward (as is Bruce's interactions with everyone… » 11/18/14 8:50am Tuesday 8:50am

Not going to lie I figure my son will be doing that in a couple months. He's 2 right now. He gets upset every time we get out of the car and he doesn't get to play in the driver seat. I think this kid may be younger though and I have to say as a parent of a child that young that's unbelievably impressive. » 11/12/14 12:15pm 11/12/14 12:15pm

I don't think it is unrealistic to see them setup a relatively unknown property on AoS. People knew about Ironman without the movies. People knew about Captain America without the movies. I've never heard of inhumans or Kree. Guardians of the Galaxy was a real gamble. It was a marvel property people didn't really know… » 11/12/14 9:38am 11/12/14 9:38am

This is the first report I've seen confirming his choice. I find this one to be credible. The question is can McLaren convince Magnussen to slide into a 3rd driver role behind Button for 1 or 2 years to further develop before taking over? Button and Alonso would really drive the evolution of the car forward. » 11/10/14 8:49am 11/10/14 8:49am