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Hunter x Hunter vs. Hunter x Hunter

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I recently decided to pick up HxH on Crunchyroll. When I say recently what I mean is I watched the first 35 episodes in the last 24 hours. I have some regrets. Anyhow I was heavily into fan-subbing 10 years ago and seemed to remember HxH from back then. Today I decided to look into things to see what I'm watching and what I might miss.


So this question goes out to anyone who has seen both adaptations of the manga. Am I missing anything by watching the 148 episode series that is on crunchyroll or is that a better adaptation of the manga and thus not necessary to try and source the original series and OVAs?

P.S. If anyone cares to look at the Ani-Tay related things I've published and would like to grant me access to publish directly I'd be happy to discuss guidelines for whats expected content wise. This particular discussion wouldn't necessarily be something I would expect to publish as it is more of a discussion than a review or a news piece.

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