Many of you have watched Yowamushi Pedal. It is easily one of my favorite recent series. This past weekend I participated in the Pelotonia Charity ride in Columbus Ohio. As proper preparation for the ride I watched the last few episodes of Grande Road and I was ready to take on the Tour de France.

The reality is I’ve had very little time to prepare for the event. My son has had chronic ear infections (tubes went in mid-July) and I’ve been busy at work and had to focus on other things rather than training for the ride. Initially I was planning to do 100 miles, but shifted that to the 50 mile ride about a month ago.


The ride started out well for me. I was in a group of about 15 riders who traveled from West Michigan for the event. (There were around 8,000 registered riders) The roads were mostly flat and the weather was great. Eventually I realized I was pushing it too hard and dropped out of that group. We averaged 18mph to the first 13 mile check point which is easily the fastest I’ve ridden over any remarkable distance by about 20%.

The challenge came after I left that group. I had another 35 miles or so and I had left people I should be riding with behind me. So I started to sing the love Hime theme song on one of the hills. It worked! I was able to accelerate a bit up one of the few climbs on the course. I didn’t get any strange looks because I didn’t have the energy to be loud about it.

Eventually I managed to find groups to tag along with throughout the rest of the ride and I ended up averaging 15mph for the entire course. I completed an additional 6 miles a full 10 minutes faster than the ride I did in June (a ride filled with hills that I literally ended up walking part of the course it was so difficult).

Still I had a little laugh when the Love Hime song gave me a bit of a boost. One of the other riders was streaming music as well as he went by. Highway to the Danger Zone worked really well too.

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